is one of Timber Productions’ websites. The company is based in France, in the Seine and Marne region, near Paris. We have been manufacturing and distributing a wide range of weighing materials for several generations. We are experts in weights and measures and only offer high quality. Our goal is to provide you with the best deal at the lowest price. Our company is respected in the weighing industry and we own several patents. As weighing specialists, we are also a member of the industry's professional institution. With many different logistic platforms we assure delivery to all EEC countries. In working in association with the largest manufacturers we are able to offer top quality products at unbeatable prices. All our products are guaranteed for at least 1 year, with up to 3 years on certain models. The quality of our products is our priority. We only select suppliers who offer reliable quality control. provides all documentation (commercial, technical, operation manuals and product descriptions) in four languages - English - German - Spanish - French is directly linked to our sister websites in French, German and Spanish, allowing you to navigate the site in your own language. All documentation can be found online in the four main languages.

We own the first Market Place in Europe and deliver throughout the EU. Our powerful website structure allows us to reduce operational costs, and in turn lower our prices. By not printing a paper catalogue, we not only cut our administrative costs but at the same time act in favour of the environment. - All our documents are sent by email - We limit our product range to the material essential for your company - We work closely with our suppliers to get the best prices by ordering huge volumes per year. All prices are indicated in Euros €. The billing country is France where our company is registered. Prices do not include the cost of shipping as well as the applicable VAT. Apart from a few exceptions, we decide on the shipping conditions. Tax and insurance will be at the cost of the buyer. The company will only consider taking out insurance on specific request from the purchaser. We reserve the right to change product prices according to social or administrative conditions up until delivery is complete.

- Repair service
- Spare parts service
- DKD certificate of calibration
- Weight of control calibration
- Verification

Our technical support is online only. Please fill in our detailed questionnaire and we will respond with an answer to to your queries.

Repair service
We offer a repair service on all our products. Simply fill in the questionnaire and we will send you all the information you need on returning your product. www.formulaireré

Spare parts service
All spare parts can be delivered within 48 hours, shipping cost not included. www.piè

DKD Certificate of calibration
The DKD certificate of calibration is available for electronic scales. We would advise you to order the certicate at the same time as your scale. The DKD certificates are internationally recognised and are available in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Calibration of weights of control
Upon request we can assemble a set of weights of control tailored to your needs. We would advise you to order the certificate at the same time as your weights of control. We can also re-calibrate your weights when needed.

Scale verification is a legal requirement to ensure customer protection. According the EU directive 90/384/EWG scales must be verified if they are used as follows:

- In commercial trade when the price of a commodity is determined by weighing
- In the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and analysis in pharmaceutical and medical laboratories.
- For official purposes
- In the production of pre-packing

Each scale is tested by the metrological service and stamped with a verification mark. Its accuracy therefore meets the standard permissible tolerances. EU verification applies to all member states of the EU. is present in several countries. We have specific agreements with local partners who have been selected for their technical skills and the quality of their manufacturing. Direct-scale and its local partners will offer you the best product to meet your needs. Direct-scale is a European network of weighing professionals. You will notice that under some product headings the price has not been listed; this is because we need detailed information on the exact prouct you require before we can calculate the cost. We will therefore forward your request to our local contact. They will then contact you directly to answer your questions and provide you with the best scale suited to your needs.

From the direct-scale home page there are 3 ways to access the scales by specification:

1. Click on "Our products", on the left navigation menu

2. Click on "Products", along the top navigation menu

3. Click on "Buy on-line now"

If you know the product or the reference number of the product you want to order, you may want to use the search engine located at the bottom of the Search on-site page.

When you reach the list of scales the search engine will allow you to refine your search by selecting different criteria:

- Accuracy
- Weighing range
- Product reference number 

The menu will indicate the smallest readable weight of the scale; choose the one closest to your need.
Weighing range
This indicates the upper limit of the scale.
Product reference number
To speed up and facilitate the search where the proudct reference number is known.

See page: All products
See page: Search engine

Download centre
Operaton manual
Other documentation

Once you have selected a product you have access to all the documentations.

- Operation manual
- Brochures
- 3D view
- Other documentation

The information at a glance picture icons clearly indicate the product functions.

Product descriptions can be online or downloaded as a brochure in PDF format.

All the referenced product and their options are available online.

Simply select the product you wish to view.

See page : Pictogram and Lexicon

All product operation manuals and documentation are available online and can be downloaded from our site in PDF format. Operation manuals Brochure 3D view Other documents All documentation is available in English, French, German and Spanish. Select your own language from the right top corner of the home page. - English - German - Spanish - French All documents can be found in the Doc section. See page: Product documentation

All our products are available for immediate dispatch. Delivery normally takes between 4 and 8 days unless certification or specific product preparation is required. During each stage of the process you will be informed of your product's delivery status. This information can also be accessed directly from our website via your personal account. The majority of our products and made in the EEC and are tested according to the EEC directive, before being made available on our website.

The majority of our products are made in the EEC. All our products conform to the EEC legislation as specified by the EEC directive. All products are tested before sale.

You think you've found the product you were looking for but you need further details on:
- Delays
- Certificatation
- Guarantee
- Technical details
- Other …

@Contact us: email us with the name or reference number of the product you're interested in and the type of information you require and we will respond very quickly to your request. This way you will be able to ensure you make the right choice.

If you cannot find a suitable product or would like more details, please contact us:
- Click on ____ and fill in the questionnaire
- Call us on 00 33 (0) 1 6470 2598
- Or fax your request to 00 33 (0) 1 6470 2534

When you have selected your product click on the icon “add to shopping bag”. The product will automatically be transferred to your shopping bag. Make sure you have specified the quantity and cancelled any items you do not wish to buy. Your purchases can be viewed at any time. To confirm any changes, click on "Modify quantity". Click on your shopping bag at any time to confirm your selection and view your chosen items. Click on "add more products" to continue your shopping. When you have selected all your chosen items, click on "Validate" to start the purchase order process. 1. If you are not logged in you will need to enter your ID (email address) and password, or create a personal account if you are not already registered (click here to learn more about the personal account). 2. If you are already logged in you will proceed directly the personal details confirmation step. Here you will be asked to enter your chosen billing and shipping address. 3. Select a method of payment (credit card or wire transfer) and confirm your order. You will automatically receive a confirmation mail. You can follow the progress of your order by logging in to your account.

After you validated you order, click on your personal account to create an account in order to place your purchase order.

To activate your personal account, you need to:
- provide your email address which will become your ID on our website.
- create a password
- Give us some details in order deliver your products

When you open a personal account, you have access to a personal space reserved for you where you can:
- update your details
- Follow up your purchase orders
- access your recent orders
- find all your preferred products

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To track your purchase order, log in to your personal account where you will find all the relevant information. Throughout the ordering process, we will keep you up to date on your order status via email. The emails will contain a direct link to your personal account.

Payments are to be made exclusively in Euros. Taxes on exchange rates will be at the customer’s cost.

Methods of payment
Payments can be made online by credit card or wire transfer. All the following credit cards are accepted: CB, Visa, Eurocard Mastercard and E Credit card.

Payment by credit card: 
To ensure maximum security we use a secure payment system. The agreement is made directly online and you receive a receipt of payment email to the address provided during registration.

We use the SSL Secure Socket Layer, the most secure payment system to date. Your credit card number and the expiry date will never be displayed or saved on 

During your online credit card payment, you will be automatically redirected to our bank's website where the payment will carried out.

We will need:
Your credit card number
Expiry date
And the security code (the last 3 digits displayed on the back of the card)

By PayPal:
Paypal, the world leader for online payment, is available in 55 countries. Using Paypal allows you to benefit from one of the best encoding technologies on the market.

By wire transfer:
In order to facilitate the purchase order process and limit the risk of errors, it is essential that you indicate clearly your order number as well as your name or the name of your company. Print and send us the purchase order displayed on the screen. Our mailing details can be found on the document.